Why I'm giving away my 22nd birthday to Charity Water

A little bit of context

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an individual (and organization) that had a profound impact on me.
Scott Harrison was a club promoter in New York City, and realizing that his wealthy life was going nowhere, he decided to use his skills to help people. There is a much longer story to it, but for the purpose of this post I will not develop it here.

In exactly one month, on February 9th, I will turn 22nd. And this year, I want to give it all away to those who need it the most.
I think it's about time I act towards real change, and I want to set myself a challenge.
Working in Digital Marketing, I get to witness the miracles of social media, and I strongly believe that the ultimate sharing experience is to selflessly give and help without expecting anything in return.

The Challenge

I have an extended network, and although I don't expect everyone to respond to my little call to arms, I am aiming high.
The ultimate goal for this challenge is to raise enough to fund an entire project. In terms of numbers, we're talking about $5000 (or about £3100 / 3800€.)

This is a huge amount of money, but if we break it down, it's 'easier' to achieve than one would think:
- If you put things in perspective, a few years ago, when one of my friend had his birthday coming up, we would spend around 20€ for a CD or a DVD. Then, we decided to put the same amount of money all together, among a group of friends, and this allowed us to get presents of higher value (an iPod or a digital camera weren't rare if you could get 10-15 people to chip in.)
The point is that if there are enough people, little by little it doesn't sound that big anymore!

Over the next few days and weeks, I have planned for quite a lot of things to raise awareness over this campaign, so stay tuned!
In the meantime, it would mean a lot to me, personally, if you could share this post with your friends and family!

Thanks in advance for reading this post and another 'Thank You' if you are considering helping out!


How can I help?


Where does the money go?

How do I know what's going on? I need proof.

How will we know if the goal is reached?

How long will the campaign run for?

What happens if we don't reach the goal?

For any other questions, please reach out to me through my email : contact @ itibz . com

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