[Music] Love & Beats | Vol 2: “Letting Go”

I had some feelings. So I took the time to publish a mix about it.


TGIF — An hour to relax with JMSN

My advice for the day? Open on Youtube, connect your device to some speakers, and enjoy!

This is JMSN (pronounce “Jameson”). An artist that came across my radar at two different times :

The first time, he was singing the vocal part on one of my all-time favourite tracks from Ta-ku: “Love again”:

Then, the second time, I heard him on one of Soulection's radio show.
It wasn't just any radio show & interview : he took the time to play and sing, in the studio. A splendid performance (that starts at 1:22:58)

So in case you hadn't heard of him before, please know that after a successful new album, JMSN's just released a live show, available for free on Youtube. Enjoy!


Vlog 010 - The End of the Summer

It took me a while to get this one out, and I'm still thinking about ways to improve the recording, editing, and publishing process — finding a faster/simpler workflow.



Just gonna leave this here for Friday...

“How Sriracha is Made” — aka how the rooster sauce goes from chili plant to finished product

...and another one, because I'm posting this on my lunch break:


Digital Digest | Cat Noone — Pt 01 - “We won't tell your husband...” (01x08)

In this episode with Cat, we talk about making money off of CD-RW, the pitfalls of Freelancing, building a company abroad, and so much more...

About Cat

Cat's previous projects:

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