Sixth Seasons (and a Movie?)

“You can’t get to six seasons and a movie without a sixth season” Like most people in the tech world, I’ve been paying close attention to Yahoo ever since Marissa Mayer got onboard as their new CEO. It seemed like a desperate choice from a company which had completely lost it. However, in the last few years, the company has got its act together, focusing on the right products and making some great choices with its wallet: starting with the acqui-hire of Nick D’Aloiso’s Summly and its revamp of the Yahoo News Digest app, or the Tumblr purchase a few months ago, to name a few. From a distance, it seems that Yahoo is using its money to buy successful companies/products/teams, somehow incorporate them into the Yahoo experience, and experiment with their various projects to see… Read more

All-Star Publishing Dream Team

Editorially Joins Vox Media “We approach product development like many technology companies, with a focus on user experience and an emphasis on rapid, data-driven iteration. Chorus enables our engineers and designers to efficiently build new publishing tools and experiences. Those capabilities empower our editorial and advertising teams to deliver powerful stories and experiences for our audience. With Chorus we have successfully launched four fast-growing media brands: SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon and Vox. We’ll soon re-launch three more: Eater, Racked and Curbed. We’ve also used our platform to create and promote story-driven campaigns for many of the largest marketers in the world. Brand advertisers seeking to engage digital audiences crave the same platform-driven… Read more

The Playstation Vita TV is finally coming to the West

As a (Playstation) gamer, I’m quite excited to see this product finally coming in the west. In essence, it’s a set top box which allows you to do two things: If you’re a PS4 owner, you can plug this box with a secondary TV and stream any content from your PS4 on to this box. This is very convenient if there are multiple TVs in your house but someone is already using the main TV. It’s also really good if you’re really lazy and have a secondary television in your bedroom, for example. However, it gets even better if you’ve got a PS Vita, since you can play using the Playstation Vita and your game appears on the big screen. Finally, you will also be able to use Playstation Now, Sony’s platform to stream games remotely, on the Playstation TV. (Thanks Gaikai!) While this is quite… Read more

Some thoughts about Net Neutrality

I genuinely wonder what would happen outside of the USA, should Net Neutrality be compromised by the FCC and US Cable Companies. Needless to say that the prospect of having this type of situation is as scary as it is outrageous. If you’re in the US, please make sure to contact the FCC via this URL: Read more

WWDC 2014

All you need to know about WWDC 2014: Read more

How Red Bull is getting to Cuba before its American Competitors

Last night, I finally took some time to catch up on a few video on Youtube. One of them really caught my attention: As you can see in the video, this is a recap of the Red Bull Cliff Diving series, an annual competition held in several places across the globe over the summer season. For this first event, the divers were competing… in Cuba. I’ve never been a big fan of competitive water sports, but I always get a kick out of watching any content put out by Red Bull. They always make sure to team-up with the best photographers and videographers for any given occasion. What surprised me, in this case, was seeing them be able to organise this massive even in Cuba. If you’re remotely interested in Marketing or Geo-Politics, this is where it gets very interesting. So why should it be such… Read more

When your phone tells you what to eat and where to go

I’ve always been a huge fan of Foursquare as a service and as a company. In recent months, I’ve been delighted that the app would suggest what to do and where to go based on my tastes, my social circles, and overall, based on the data I’ve been inputting for the last few years. In his latest interview, Dennis Crowley talks to Read Write about the past, present and future of the service! I highly recommend at you read it if you’re interested in the service, or in contextual computing and big data analysis in general. ≠ Read more

First weekend of March

This post marks an attempt to try and blog more regularly and about more personal stuff… These pictures were taken during the first weekend of March already. 2014 is well underway, whether at work or elsewhere. We’re graced by an early set of sunny days and the girlfriend and I have been trying to make the most of it… The most recent and eventful events in my life lately: - A few decent nights out Fleur moving in with us at the flat Starting a new (hopefully weekly) tradition: “Comic Books and Falafels” Read more

GoPro Pelican Edition

Something needs to be said about how GoPro have the coolest projects and best videos around. ≠ Read more

Don’t Cook, Just Eat

So… putting aside the terrible Don’t Cook, Just Eat campaign I’ve seen on TV and at the movie theatre, it looks like JustEat is actually doing really well: They just bought their direct competitor Meal2Go Since its launch, they have served 100M orders… And generated over £700M pounds ($1.2 billion) Not bad for a company with under $130M in funding Having used JustEat multiple times in the past, both online, and via the app. I have to say they have found a great nice, and have executed really well! The process of navigating and ordering some food is pretty flawless. Everything can be done in a matter of minutes (seconds if you know exactly what you want), and you can pay directly in the app, and are even given an estimate time for the delivery. ≠ Read more