When your phone tells you what to eat and where to go

I’ve always been a huge fan of Foursquare as a service and as a company. In recent months, I’ve been delighted that the app would suggest what to do and where to go based on my tastes, my social circles, and overall, based on the data I’ve been inputting for the last few years. In his latest interview, Dennis Crowley talks to Read Write about the past, present and future of the service! I highly recommend at you read it if you’re interested in the service, or in contextual computing and big data analysis in general. ≠ Read more

First weekend of March

This post marks an attempt to try and blog more regularly and about more personal stuff… These pictures were taken during the first weekend of March already. 2014 is well underway, whether at work or elsewhere. We’re graced by an early set of sunny days and the girlfriend and I have been trying to make the most of it… The most recent and eventful events in my life lately: - A few decent nights out Fleur moving in with us at the flat Starting a new (hopefully weekly) tradition: “Comic Books and Falafels” Read more

GoPro Pelican Edition

Something needs to be said about how GoPro have the coolest projects and best videos around. ≠ Read more

Don’t Cook, Just Eat

So… putting aside the terrible Don’t Cook, Just Eat campaign I’ve seen on TV and at the movie theatre, it looks like JustEat is actually doing really well: They just bought their direct competitor Meal2Go Since its launch, they have served 100M orders… And generated over £700M pounds ($1.2 billion) Not bad for a company with under $130M in funding Having used JustEat multiple times in the past, both online, and via the app. I have to say they have found a great nice, and have executed really well! The process of navigating and ordering some food is pretty flawless. Everything can be done in a matter of minutes (seconds if you know exactly what you want), and you can pay directly in the app, and are even given an estimate time for the delivery. ≠ Read more

Thoughts on Professional-grade iOS and the rumoured iPad Pro

There sure seems to be a lot of discussions by technologists around a professional-iOS or even an iPad Pro. There are several reasons why I disagree on this debate. First of all, regarding the iPad as a device for work. It’s already possible: For corporations and “serious-business guys”: When I think about the corporate market, these people usually work on several things: they communicate over emails; they review spreadsheets, slide decks, PDFs and word documents; they sometimes use more complicated platforms for project management, communications, CRMs, and more… Notice that the first and second points can already be done, ad the third one is already accessible for most things, providing you are using one of the services that also give you access to an iOS app. If you’re a… Read more

French Tech Ecosystem

In Europe, most startup coverage on TechCrunch and other tech blogs focus on London and Berlin. The main reason behind it is that (surprise, surprise) English-speaking bloggers usually live in the U.K. And Berlin has more English-speaking entrepreneurs and investors than Paris. It has to change. French entrepreneurs, if your product has no geographical constraint, release it in English and localize it in French. Your company blog should be in English. Startup events should be in English as well. Think big, France is a small market after all. Arguably written by a frenchman based in the US, this article makes me very optimistic for the future of France’s SMBs and Startups. Until I remind myself of this guy. ≠ Read more

Une requête un peu spéciale à l’aube de mes 23 ans

L’année dernière, j’ai décidé de fêter mon anniversaire d’une façon un peu différente. J’ai mis au point une campagne caritative pour une ONG appelée Charity Water et ai demande a mes proches d’envoyer de l’argent a ma campagne, plutôt que de m’offrir quoi que ce soit. Charity Water est une organisation qui essaie de résoudre la crise sanitaire liée à l’eau, et qui affecte environ 800 Millions de personnes a travers le monde, principalement en Afrique et en Asie du Sud Est. Ce sont 800 Millions de personnes qui n’ont pas accès à de l’eau potable. 800 Millions de personnes qui vivent dans des conditions dangereuses, tout simplement car ils ne peuvent pas se laver et sont souvent obligés de boire de l’eau issue d’un étang, qu’ils partagent avec des… Read more

Giving Up My 23rd Birthday to Charity Water

Last year, I decided to celebrate my birthday in a different way than usual. I decided to create a campaign for a non-profit organisation called Charity Water, and asked my friends & family to donate money for this cause, instead of possibly getting me a card or a present. Charity Water is an organisation which aims to solve the water crisis which affects 800 Million people in Africa and South East Asia. That’s 800 Million people without access to clean water; 800 Million people who live in dangerous conditions, who can’t wash themselves, who have to drink from swamps or share the water they drink with farm animals. As a result, with more than 40 different contributors, we’ve collected over $1500, and the money is being used as I write this to build wells in Ethiopia. Charity… Read more

Customer Support is Marketing

Recently, I wrote a blog post about the tools that we use on a day-to-day basis to bring satisfaction to our customers. In this post, I’d like to discuss some simple ways to improve the way you can support your users. Although we are a software company, these tips will apply to any domain where you have to deal with clients and customers on a regular basis. In a world where a single individual can reach just about anyone, anywhere, it is vital to keep your customers happy. It has become too easy to spread a bad word about a product, a company, or even a person; your reputation matters more than ever before. Delivering great products is as important as making sure you bring satisfaction to your users. At Realmac Software, we care for those two aspects, and aim to build great products… Read more

Path Premium & Subscriptions

I use apps. Too many apps. ALL OF THE APPS. But while some of them are used under a certain context (i.e. traveling apps during the holidays) there are several worthy additions that I use on a daily basis. One such app is Path, a private social network that most people in the tech world know… and most people outside of it have not heard of. To sum it up quickly, Path, dubbed ‘The Personal Network’ is what Facebook should have been: a network without ads, focusing on people, and not marketing pages. It’s been praised for its design-centric approach, its beautiful interface but also appeared in the news when it was the first of a wave of companies uploading your address book to their servers. They deleted the content after having some bad press around it. A few weeks… Read more